Warehousing, distribution and 3PL services

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Nail your warehousing, distribution and 3PL logistics

Nail your warehousing, distribution and 3PL logistics.

Are you banging your head against a desk because of the pain and drain caused by inefficient, expensive and complicated warehousing and logistics? Fed up with having to deal with third-party logistics suppliers with locations either out in the middle of nowhere or smack-dab in the heart of a city (aka: traffic central where transport companies go to die)? We hear you.

Globco owns two major warehouses in Laval and Candiac, which are strategically located for transportation to and from the US as well as transiting to and from both Eastern Canada and Ontario/Western Canada. Benefit from modern facilities with an array of amenities and our integrated services to safely store your goods.

Never lose sight

Never lose sight—or control—of your shipments

Globco’s platform, GlobConnect, allows you to manage your supply chain from A to Z, by carefully monitoring in real time all your imports and exports. Tap into a wealth of dashboards, reports and analytics to find out which shipments are late or early. Find out how you can optimize routes and potential pitfalls. You are in the driver’s seat with GlobConnect!

Discover GlobConnect

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Take off sooner with Globco

What is the Globco advantage? It’s about finding a reliable partner that checks all the boxes when it comes to your warehousing and distribution needs:

Laval warehouse

Includes pick-and-pack and container receiving services

Candiac warehouse

Space for 5000 pallets, ultra-modern installation, can medical merchandise

Strategically located

Warehouses strategically located for transport to Ontatrio, the port of Montreal and the United States; our transit times are shorter thanks to circumventing city traffic

Insurance support

Brokerage services

Leverage our custom brokerage services to streamline your shipment

Experience the Globco difference when it comes to warehousing, distribution and logistics. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Why choose Globco?

Founded 15 years ago, Globco has carved an enviable reputation as a Canadian leader in transport and logistics. We are renowned for offering the availability, proximity and dedication of a small-sized firm—with the experience, resources and capacity of a larger company. With Globco, you get the best of both worlds.

  • No empty promises. You’ll always get the real deal with us.
  • Talk is cheap. We walk the walk.
  • We foster long-term partnerships.
  • Our team is obsessed with trust, transparency, responsiveness and finding solutions.
  • Globco will never leave you hanging.
  • You’ve got everything you need under one roof.
  • No empty promises. No “we can’t do that’s.” We deliver.