How to choose the right LTL freight broker for your business

Publish on 4 December 2023
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In the complex supply chain and logistics world, one of the most critical decisions a business has to make is choosing the right Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight broker. This decision can significantly affect your business’s operational efficiency, financial bottom line, and customer relationships. 

As one of the top transportation and logistics companies in Canada, Globco offers valuable insights into what to consider when choosing an LTL freight broker.

Historical track record

First, consider the broker’s historical track record in the industry, which is a good gauge to determine its stability and experience. An LTL freight broker with a long and stable history has weathered various market shifts, technological advancements, and logistical hurdles. This experience often means that the LTL freight broker’s robust operational frameworks and industry know-how.

For instance, Globco’s 15-year expertise in the transportation and logistics industry demonstrates its adaptability and deep-seated understanding of ever-evolving market trends and customer needs. Learning from a company with a long-standing reputation can provide you with essential insights to reduce your brokerage fees.

Reputation and references

Next, evaluate the LTL freight broker’s reputation and references. It’s all about a measure of credibility and reliability. Positive testimonials from past and present clients can offer a clear snapshot of service quality. Ask potential LTL freight brokers for references, and don’t hesitate to contact those references for first-hand accounts of their satisfaction.

In addition to the quality of services, look into the broker’s ethical practices, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. A broker’s solid reputation can provide assurance that your goods will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Staff know-how

When it comes to handling and transporting your goods, the skills of the LTL freight broker’s staff are crucial. A skilled and savvy team can ensure streamlined logistics operations, promptly address issues, and offer valuable insights to optimize your supply chain.

Training and support are vital for maintaining a high level of competency. At Globco, for example, we provide full training to our staff upon joining and continuously support them in their roles, keeping them up-to-day with the latest industry developments.

Fast response times

How quickly does the broker respond to queries, concerns, or problems? Swift response times are proof of a company’s dedication to customer service and readiness to address any hiccups that could disrupt your operations. Working with an LTL freight broker that values your time and understands the importance of timely communication is essential.

Proactive problem-solving

Regardless of how robust a logistics plan is, things can happen. How they handle these situations distinguishes an excellent LTL freight broker from an average one. An LTL broker’s ability to effectively address problems, such as delays or complaints, can greatly reduce the negative impact on your supply chain and deliveries. You should never be treated like a number.

Detailed quote process

A thorough quotation process means that your LTL transportation broker seeks to understand your unique needs. During this process, your transportation partner must ask detailed questions about your specific needs. In turn, this level of personalization can translate into more accurate pricing, improved service delivery and reduced stress.

Accessibility of coordinators

The accessibility of the LTL freight broker’s coordinators can greatly affect your logistics workflows. A broker that assigns a dedicated coordinator to your load ensures a consistent point of contact throughout the transportation process. This continuity and constant communication helps you gain peace of mind that your load is monitored consistently, providing peace of mind. Some vendors may assign a different coordinator for each shipment; nevertheless, with the right vendor, you can rest assured that one coordinator will take care of a delivery from A to Z. 

Supplier network

When scouting out potential LTL freight brokers,  consider the volume of annual bookings the company handles. Higher volumes often signify a wide network of suppliers, which can lead to competitive pricing and greater capacity availability. For example, with over 7,000 annual bookings, Globco can leverage its vast network for optimal pricing and capacity. 

With LTL freight brokers, finding the right size can be crucial to your business’s logistics. Both overly large and overly small brokers come with setbacks.

Dealing with a major broker can sometimes lead to your business becoming just another account among thousands. Larger brokers often have an extensive roster of clients, so they might not offer the personalized service or attention to detail that your shipments require. Furthermore, larger brokers might be rigid in their operations and less able to adapt quickly to any sudden changes in your supply chain.

On the other hand, an overly small LTL freight broker can have its own set of complications. Small brokers might not have the resources or network needed to effectively handle your shipments, particularly during peak seasons or in the event of unforeseen disruptions. Moreover, their lack of leverage with carriers might lead to less favourable rates or service levels. Finally, smaller brokers might lack the technology capabilities that can provide you with real-time tracking, accurate reporting, and other valuable logistics data. 

Opting for a mid-sized LTL freight broker, like Globco, offers the best of both worlds. You gain the assurance of having a robust network and resources without feeling lost in a vast sea of clients, as might be the case with larger brokers. Mid-sized LTL freight brokers are influential enough to ensure that your shipments are managed efficiently and effectively, even during the most demanding times. Yet, they still maintain a personalized touch, ensuring that each client feels valued and their specific needs are promptly addressed. 

Mid-sized LTL brokers often have advanced technological capabilities like the bigger players, providing real-time tracking and accurate reporting, for example. But unlike larger companies, they have the agility to pivot and adapt to any sudden changes or unique requirements in your supply chain. 

Interested in learning more about how Globco’s LTL freight brokerage can help alleviate your current challenges? Contact us today for a free consultation.


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